Tea tree fertilization technology

If tea is polluted, especially if it is exported, its output value and reputation will be seriously frustrated. In order to improve the quality and yield of tea, in addition to taking green manure in the tea garden, covering moisture, and applying farmyard manure after harvest, as well as improving the tea making process, clever use of foliar fertilizer is also required. Fast, high-yield, good methods, generally can increase production by 20% -30%. The technology is: fertilization time. In the spring, summer and autumn rounds of tea germination, the new shoots sprouted at the beginning of one bud and one leaf. At the beginning of the exhibition, windless sunny days, early evenings or cloudy days were sprayed and sprayed 2-3 times a week. Smeared on the leaf surface. Fertilizer ratio. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the main components, supplemented by trace fertilizers, and the ratio is 4:1:1. Micronutrient fertilizers are formulated according to the principle of what is lacking in tea plants.

Fertilizer concentration. Fertilizer concentration is related to fertilizer types and weather conditions. According to tests, urea was 0.5% and calcium superphosphate was 1%. Potassium sulfate 0.5%, zinc sulfate 50-100 ppm, iron molybdate 20-50 ppm. If the concentration is too large, it is easy to produce fertilizer, otherwise it will not be effective. Combination of many things. It can be combined with pest control, spray irrigation, and plant growth regulators to save labor and make it easy to implement mechanization. Fertilizer and pesticide chemical properties. Acidic fertilizers should be combined with acidic pesticides, and alkaline fertilizers should be formulated with alkaline pesticides so that they will not produce chemical reactions and produce precipitates to prevent mutual elimination of fertilizer efficiency and efficacy. Use biological pesticides to control pests. Tea pest control using biological pesticides is safe and reliable, pollution-free and pollution-free, and the best choice for low cost and high effect, such as Bt emulsion, bacillus, Beauveria bassiana, agricultural antibiotics and plant antibiotics.

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