Wheat aphid control should be timely

Wheat aphids, also known as insects, are the main pests in wheat production. Adults and nymphs absorb wheat sap and endanger wheat. Coupled with the honeydew excreted by the aphids, they fall on the wheat leaves, seriously affecting photosynthesis and causing a serious reduction in wheat yield. . Pre-hazard can cause yellow wheat seedlings, affecting growth, yellow spots appear late in the damage part of the victim, wheat leaves gradually yellow, wheat is not full, serious wheat ears withered, can not be solid, or even the whole plant withered, seriously affecting yield. Because last winter's winter temperatures are conducive to the overwintering of aphids, this year provides a source of insects for the occurrence of aphids, and the conditions in the near-term conditions are suitable for the occurrence and reproduction of aphids. For this reason, the masses must pay close attention to checking public opinion and timely prevention and control.

Control methods According to the hazard characteristics of locusts, conduct field inspections. The locusts are mostly found on the bottom leaf of wheat, so it is not easy to be discovered. When the upper leaf is found to be harmed, it has affected the wheat yield. Therefore, attention should be paid to observation, early detection and early prevention and treatment. Seedling period as long as there are 30 to 60 mites per square meter to be controlled, the booting period when the planting rate of 15% or average each plant has about 10 locusts in time to prevent and control. It can use 20% chrysanthemum emulsifiable concentrate 80 ml per acre, 20% alum net 60 ml, 40% Baodefeng 80 ml, 2% alumni kill 80 ml, 3% alum 60 ml, 50% antimony wettability Powder 10~15g, 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 20g, one of the above pesticide types, 35~50kg water (2~3 barrels of water), evenly sprayed after morning dew or after 4pm. If it happens more serious. Each barrel of water plus 1 package of 10% imidacloprid mixed spray.

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