Greenhouse pollution-free treatment technology

The cultivation of greenhouse vegetables has brought great benefits to our lives. However, when greenhouse vegetables are changed every year, the destination of greenhouse waste has become a problem faced by many vegetable farmers. A 1 mus tomato greenhouse can clean up 2 to 3 tons of garbage. If you count the total amount of garbage cleared from the year, you must count more than this amount. Where are so many greenhouse wastes shipped to? The approach of vegetable farmers is that wherever they go, they can only pull away from their sheds.

The disposal of garbage in greenhouses is not good, and it is not only easy to infect pathogens, causing unnecessary losses to growers, but also polluting the environment. At present, the waste disposal methods often used by vegetable farmers are firstly burned and secondly buried. Incineration is most commonly used, but it must be garbage after drying. The drying process is very long. Farmers are afraid of infectious diseases. They are also worried that burning will cause fire and cause damage to the greenhouse. Buried, there is a large amount of labor, there is no suitable place, and it is rarely used by vegetable farmers.

Can you find a kind of green manure that can harmlessly treat greenhouse waste? In this way, we can “take it out of the shed and use it for the shed”, which not only relieves the worries of “when the farmers arrive,” but also realizes the reuse of resources. The answer is yes, use the goldfish starter. Jinbao Fermentation Aid combines the essence of international high-end microbial process technology and proprietary patent technologies such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, and its fermentation function is “wild” and “powerful”. It is the best fermentation aid for producing environmental protection and green ecological fertilizers. Its characteristics are as follows: 1, rapid fermentation. This product can make the greenhouse waste temperature quickly rise to 60-70 °C within a few days (starting temperature is above 15 °C). 2, improve efficiency. Can quickly and effectively degrade and transform organic nutrients. 3, pest killing. The use of this product fermentation, a large number of beneficial function microorganisms and rapid propagation, resulting in high temperature and high fever, can quickly kill most pests, eggs and miscellaneous bacteria harmful to the fungus; function microorganisms in the breeding process of the formation of beneficial microorganisms "dominant flora", the formation of Eco-protective mechanism of "bacteria" (harmful bacteria) produced by "bacteria" (beneficial bacteria). Details can visit the website or consult.

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