High-yield and high-efficiency cultivation of cucumber in greenhouse

1. Nursery and field management use varieties with better comprehensive traits such as heat resistance, rain resistance and disease resistance, such as the Jinyou series. In mid-April, the sheds were planted with plugs, sowed with germination, seedlings with 2 leaves and 1 heart, 30 to 35 days, and planted in early May. The plant spacing was 40 to 45 cm, and the spacing was 50 to 60 cm with 2 plants per hole. The vines were pruned and pruned in time, and the melon seedlings were thrown on the vines. The scaffolds and vines were taken in a timely manner. Combined with pruning, timely removal of main buds and lower yellow leaves. In terms of fertilizer and water management, in addition to applying base fertilizers, the seedlings will be applied less frequently and will be replanted after fruit set. Each harvest will be top-dressed once with watering, and 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer will be used for 20-25 kg per mu.

2. Diseases and pests control diseases mainly downy mildew, powdery mildew, etc., can be used to control downy mildew 65% metalaxyl MnZn wettable powder 500 times spray, powdery mildew can be used 2.5% Triadimefon WP 800 times. Insect pests mainly include melon borers and whiteflies, which can be controlled by 70% precious (imidacloprid) water dispersible powder 5000 times liquid plus 0.5% abamectin 1000 times liquid

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