What kind of fruit does your body need?

Has your body ever experienced this or that little problem - it is not worth going to the hospital, but it also troubles your life from time to time - is it time to think about other solutions? For example, diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables, maybe you can help solve those annoying minor ailments. Because there are some very important nutrients in these foods, we have neglected them. Don't take it for granted. Come and see what your body needs most.

☆ hair perm hair - avocado

Hair dyeing perms will take away hair's moisture and oil, and the hair will become dry. The mature avocado contains 30% of oleic acid, a precious vegetable oil that has a special effect on dry hair.

☆ Brain Overuse Brain - Banana

Excessive use of the brain leads to a lack of vitamins, minerals, and calories in the body. In addition to brain exhaustion, they often feel depressed. Supplementing bananas at this time provides the necessary nutrients and relieves negative emotions. Due to the excessive use of brains to consume multiple vitamins, dietitians recommend supplementing multivitamin tablets such as Preservation.

☆ Overuse of eyes - Papaya

For a long time staring at a computer screen or a TV screen, excessive use of the eye, the key substance retinal sensibility rely on vitamin A consumed a lot, the eyes feel dry, pain, fear of light, and even decreased vision. At this point you need to eat papaya which can provide a lot of vitamin A.

☆ gingival bleeding gums - kiwi

Gum health is related to vitamin C. People who lack vitamin C become fragile and often bleed, swell, and even loose their teeth. The vitamin C content of kiwifruit is the most abundant in fruits and is therefore the most beneficial fruit for the health of gums.

☆ heart attack history - grapefruit

Hypercholesterolemia has a serious impact on cardiovascular health, especially those with a history of heart disease. It also needs to pay attention to controlling cholesterol indicators in the body. Grapefruit is recognized as the most therapeutically effective fruit in the medical profession. Its natural pectin contained in the valve can reduce cholesterol in the body and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

☆ long-term lung smoking - grapes

The long-term smoking lungs accumulate a lot of toxins and their functions are impaired. The active ingredients contained in the grapes increase the metabolic rate of cells and help detoxify lung cells. In addition, grapes also have a scorpion effect, and can relieve respiratory symptoms such as inflammation, itching and other symptoms caused by smoking.

☆ muscle muscle strain - pineapple

After muscle strain, tissue inflammation, poor blood circulation, swelling and pain in the injured area. The pineapple bromelain contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote tissue repair. It also speeds up metabolism, improves blood circulation, and reduces swelling. This is what the body needs most at this time.

☆ Skin Prevents Wrinkles - Mango

Skin collagen prone to wrinkles if it is not elastic enough. Mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles, because it is rich in β-carotene and unique enzymes that can stimulate the vitality of skin cells, promote waste discharge, help maintain the elasticity of collagen, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

☆Insufficient blood oxygen supply - cherries

Fatigue in most cases is associated with reduced iron content in the blood, insufficient oxygen supply, and poor blood circulation. Eating cherries can supplement iron. The rich vitamin C can also promote the body's absorption of iron, prevent iron loss, improve blood circulation, and help fight fatigue.

☆ foot athlete's foot trouble - orange

People who lack vitamin B1 in their bodies are prone to beriberi. This case is the best choice for orange, it is rich in vitamin B1, and helps glucose metabolism, can effectively prevent and treat beriberi.


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