Summer and autumn should be how to diet

How should we properly regulate and match the diet in the summer and autumn? Experts remind readers that in the summer we must eat some food that is detoxifying and detoxifying. After the beginning of autumn, the weather is dry. Do not tonic, breakfast is best to drink a bowl of porridge, can nourish the body, benefit from health.

1. What should I eat during the summer and fall season?

In the summer and fall season, this season should not be excessively tonic, and should not be a big meal. Should make up for it, because of the dry weather, you can eat some refreshing lung foods, such as lily, honey, pear water, add rock sugar and so on. Pay attention to a balanced diet, pay attention to the proper mix of vegetables and meat, and eat cold fruits and greasy foods. Because of the decline in the functions of the spleen and the stomach, the elderly have to eat some easily digested foods, and they must eat small meals so that they will not burden the gastrointestinal tract too much.

2. How should cerebrovascular patients regulate their diet during this season?

Pay attention to the control of fat intake, can not eat too much oil, eat more fish and chicken, because they are relatively delicate relative to pork, beef, and mutton. However, if you are eating chicken, it is best to remove the chicken skin, because the fat content of chicken skin is very high, and eating more will also have a certain impact on the condition.

3. What should I do if children do not eat well? What is good to eat?

Children eat soft foods that are easily digested and absorbed. Because the child's stomach is delicate, don't eat too hard. Parents should help their children to control food intake, otherwise eating too much can easily cause food fires. Eat less cold, spicy food, you can use some sesame, honey, wolfberry and other sweet things.

4. How should calcium be added in this season?

The calcium in the human body is slowly lost with age, and calcium supplements should be started from middle age. The most common method is to drink milk, milk contains a lot of calcium, and more easily absorbed by the body, but do not avoid fasting drink. Studies have shown that calcium is easily absorbed in an acidic environment, so calcium can drink some orange juice at the same time, and the effect of calcium supplementation before going to bed is better. Magnesium is added to some calcium tablets, because magnesium can promote calcium absorption. At the same time, magnesium also has the effect of stabilizing nerves. Therefore, taking it before going to bed can make sleep quality higher.

5. A lot of acne on the face, what should you pay attention to in terms of diet?

People with long face "pox" or those suffering from sore swelling should ban lamb, crab, shrimp and spicy food. To eat detoxification of food in summer, such as melon, bitter gourd, mung bean, chrysanthemum, etc., but after the beginning of autumn should eat less melon foods, lamb should not eat more in the early fall, cereals should account for the vast majority of the daily diet.

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