About Summer Technology of Phalaenopsis

1. Measures: The overwhelming summer of Phalaenopsis is mainly a problem of cooling down. It is advisable to take the following measures:
1 Add a double-layer shading net, reduce the light, and can achieve a good cooling effect (drop 2 °C ~ 4 °C).
2 Ground watering and irrigation. Summer temperatures are high, but the temperature of water just extracted from the well is very low, around 16°C. Therefore, the use of sprinkler or irrigation method can play a significant cooling effect.
3 The spraying of water on the leaf surface has the fastest cooling rate but the shortest duration.
4 ventilation. A 40cm40cm square hole is drilled at a height of 70cm from the wall every 5m to increase the ventilation and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests; the fan is opened above 25°C and the air circulation is strengthened to facilitate plant growth.
2. The unpleasant phenomena in the summer and easy to appear in China 1 Leaf aging and shedding, some of the lower leaves of the plant have decayed during the over-summer process, and gradually yellow off in the late summer and fall.
2 Severe diseases and insect pests, especially hot weather, high relative humidity in the air, and no wind or heat, can easily lead to diseases such as soft rot, brown spots, and viruses.

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