How to fatten cows in the spring

The price of lean cows sold on the market is usually relatively low. If they can fully explore their growth potential, selling fattening beef cattle as fattening cattle in the short term will not only achieve considerable economic benefits, but also open up a new path for farmers to get rid of poverty. . However, if you want to get better economic benefits, you must grasp the following points for fattening:
First, choose fat cattle. The key lies in finding the fattening potential of lean cows. The lean cattle caused by poor feeding and management, poor feed quality, or excessive labor may be the preferred choice for cattle. Do not buy too old, suffering from digestive diseases, infectious diseases should be extremely debilitating cattle.
Second, build a house. Create a quiet, comfortable and clean living environment for lean cows to minimize stress.
Third, a reasonable grouping. The newly purchased lean cows were grouped according to their age, sex and nutritional status. This will not only be conducive to management, but also conducive to the timely adjustment of feed formulations.
Fourth, correct physical fitness. For newly purchased lean cows, a thorough inspection is required to remove the parasites inside and outside their body in time, and to use some stomach-eating appetites to promote digestion.
Fifth, with good feed. The formulated feed should not only be nutritious and comprehensive, but also have good palatability and be easily digested and absorbed. Corn, bran, and soy concentrates are best cooked; straws are best treated with aminating or micro-storage; green feeds are fresh, clean, and of moderate length; sweet potato and other tuber feeds must be washed and chopped . In the season of dry grass, suitable amount of green feed or silage is supplemented.
Sixth, supply enough water. During the breeding period, it is necessary to ensure the drinking water temperature and cleanliness, add 0.3% salt to the drinking water, avoid drinking the sewage and cold water, and prevent thirsty binge drinking.
Seven, limit sports. During lean cow fattening, exercise should be reduced to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the body should be brushed periodically to keep it clean.
8. Prevent diseases. Because of poor physical fitness, lean cows, combined with reduced exercise, are vulnerable to disease. Therefore, the ration should be adjusted in an appropriate manner according to the appetite and spirit of the cow. At the same time, it is also necessary to intensify feeding and management, remove feces and debris in time, and prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases.
Nine, the rational use of additives. It is necessary to use additives in combination with actual conditions to increase the utilization of feed and accelerate the fattening speed of lean cows.
Ten, timely slaughter. During the late stage of fattening, observe the growth status of the cattle, and periodically weigh it. When it is in good condition and the growth rate is slowed down, you can consider slaughtering. If the market price is good, you can quickly slaughter.

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