Planting sprouts do not need to cut the anvil

Some fruit trees such as peach trees, planting buds when planting than seedlings to save money, and easy to plastic surgery, good management, to achieve the year of planting the flower of the year, the fruit of the second year, the third year to see the effect of yield. The traditional planting habit is to cut the rootstock 1 cm away from the live bud, and then grow it to the ideal height and then pick it up to form the three main branches or the Y shape. Due to the drought in the spring in the north and the high chance of blowing winds from late April to early May, a slight carelessness will cause the sprouts to scrape off the interface. Although many growers added preventive measures, they planted a wooden stick on one side of the seedlings to fix the shoots, but they sometimes suffered some loss sooner or later. If the rootstock is not cut when planting shoots, such high stocks become a natural pillar. When the sprouts grow to a certain height, the buds can be fixed on the rootstock with cloth strips, which can play a multiplier role.

This method is simple and easy. First, plant the seedlings according to the designed spacing, use a fruit knife to pluck 2 cm above the buds and 1-2 cm, and peel off the peeled skin. By grooving the rootstock will naturally dry, after the buds grow to 30 cm can be divided into 1-2 times the bud seedlings fixed on the rootstock, there will be no scraping off the seedling phenomenon.

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