Parkinson's disease is not a "patent" for the elderly

Release date: 2007-05-14

Parkinson's disease is not a "patent" for the elderly

April 11th is "World Parkinson's Disease Day". Many people think that only the elderly will suffer from Parkinson's disease, but it is not. Experts pointed out that due to some false "folk-speaking", some Parkinson's patients have delayed treatment, and the results have seriously affected the quality of life. Professor Yang Hui, director of the Department of Neurosurgery, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, said that Parkinson's disease itself is not a fatal disease, and generally does not affect life expectancy. However, if you fail to get timely and reasonable treatment because of some misunderstanding, it will lead to a decline in the body function of the patient. Even life can not take care of themselves, and finally complications such as pneumonia and urinary tract infections, which seriously affect the quality of life of patients. Parkinson's disease is a "patent" for the elderly, which is one of people's misconceptions. Professor Yang Hui said that among Parkinson's patients, the proportion of young and middle-aged patients exceeds 10%. Therefore, if there are upper limb tremors, hand shaking, muscle stiffness to the inability to straighten, or slow movements, stiff expression, abnormally slow speech and other early signs of Parkinson's disease, young and middle-aged people can not simply think that it is cervical, lumbar or cerebrovascular disease. Second, Parkinson's disease does not necessarily show brain atrophy. Some patients with Parkinson's disease diagnosed in Xinqiao Hospital took a CT scan of their head to find a doctor, saying that they had no brain atrophy and suspected that the doctor had misdiagnosed. Professor Yang Hui said that not all patients with Parkinson's disease will have brain atrophy. Some patients have normal brain CT and MRI, and there is no specific change. This disease needs to be diagnosed according to the patient's symptoms. In addition, what people usually call "Parkinson's syndrome" is not the same as Parkinson's disease. Some patients with Parkinson's disease have treated Parkinson's disease to treat Parkinson's disease. As a result, the timing of treatment has been delayed, which has further aggravated the condition. —— Information from: Meditech Medical Network

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