The key technology of cherry cultivation

As the saying goes: It's hard to plant cherries. The difficulty of planting the tree is mainly determined by the characteristics of the cherry root system. The roots of cherries are very shallow, so they are afraid of drought; roots have higher respiratory intensity, more aerobic than other fruit trees, and are most afraid of lice. If the water in the rainy season is a little longer, it will affect the breathing of the roots, yellow leaves in light, and death in severe cases. If you want to plant and grow good cherries, you must do a good job of building gardens, planting plants, and subsequent water management.
First, the choice of garden. Select a land with high topography, low water accumulation, and low groundwater level, sandy loam with neutral or slightly acidic, deep soil, and good air permeability. If the soil quality is poor, deep plowing should be carried out before the construction of the park, and organic soil and other soil improvement measures should be added. Because the ecological conditions of the cherry are very demanding, the deep living soil layer and the strong soil fertility can make the cherry root system developed. Strong tree vigor, strong resistance, fruit quality and high yield. In particular, the soil in the rhizosphere is difficult to improve after planting and planting.
Second, irrigation and drainage design. There must be good irrigation and drainage facilities around the garden to ensure timely watering in times of drought and timely drainage and flood control during the rainy season. For the newly-built gardens, the main gutters and branch ditches should be scientifically designed, and the plains or large plots of land should be planted with ridges so that they can be used for irrigation and drainage. Ditch irrigation side infiltration to the root can also avoid the rooting after watering, is conducive to slow seedling hair root.
Third, scientific planting
1, planting time: cherry planting the best autumn planting, due to the spring drought in northern regions, the traditional spring plant increased the difficulty of water management. Moreover, if the spring is planted too early, if the temperature is unstable, it will be vulnerable to freezing. When the spring is planted too late, the sprout will grow slowly and will cause dead seedlings. Autumn planting can slow seedlings in the season, sprout growth, early spring buds hair branch, easy to form strong seedlings. Before the soil is frozen in autumn, it is necessary to bury the soil for freezing.
2, planting methods: to use "small pit deep planting method." The traditional method of digging large pits for fruit trees is not suitable for cherries, because the cherry roots are shallow and resistant to earthworms. For example, pits are cultivated in pits, soil in pits is looser than pits, and in the rainy season, internal warts are easily caused. In severe cases, dead seedlings appear. “Deep and shallow burying method in small pits” means excavating three or four rammed earths, applying a second crop of earth miscellaneous fertilizer, mixing the soil on the sides of the crater with the soil miscellaneous fertilizer in the pit, and then placing the seedlings. Robust seedlings), covered with a layer of shallow soil only to bury the roots of the original soil marks. The soil was then slightly compacted so that the root neck was about 15 cm below the ground and a small tree nest was formed under the seedlings. This "deep planting" reduces the center of gravity of the seedlings, which is conducive to lodging, and "shallow burying" is conducive to root respiration, which allows the seedlings to grow faster and grow faster.
3, water management. After planting, water should be diligently, but avoid flooding. In combination with the weather, the dry water is often poured, while the pot is actively drained, keeping the roots from seeing dry and wet.

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