Boer Goat's Pregnancy Management

The goat's pregnant sheep management:
In the first 3 months of pregnancy due to slower fetal development, nutritional needs are basically the same as empty periods. During the second trimester of pregnancy, due to the rapid development of the fetus, 80% of the fetus's body weight grows within these two months. Therefore, there should be sufficient and full-price nutrition in these two months, and the metabolic level should be increased by 15% to 20%. Calcium, phosphorus content should be increased by 40% to 50%, and there must be sufficient amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. The pre-pregnancy Boer sheep are basically the same as the empty-grass period. During the later period of pregnancy, each of the supplements is fed with 0.6 kg to 0.8 kg of the supplemented concentrate, and 3 g to 5 g of bone meal is supplemented daily. About 10 days before delivery should be fed more juicy feed. Cattle House Construction Sheep House Construction Beef Introductory Flock Grazing Cow Feeding Sheep Feed Feed Bull Feeding Breeding Feeding Fattening Pregnant Sheep Management Dairy Feeding Ewe Breed Selection Breeding Breeding Business Brilliant Pregnancy Ewes Should Strengthen Management, Prevent Crowding, Prevent Jumping Ditch, anti-fear group, slipping down, daily activities should be "slow, steady", can not eat moldy feed and frozen feed, to prevent miscarriage.
Small Tail Han Sheep Pregnancy Management:
The breeding of breeding ewes during the empty period should be given enough attention. The nutritional status of this stage has a lot to do with estrus, breeding, abortion, and subsequent fetal development. 1 to 1.5 months before mating, quality grass should be given, or grazing in grazing pasture. According to the nutritional status of sheep and individuals, appropriate supplements should be given to keep the sheep's high nutritional level. Pre-pregnancy (about 3 months) due to slow development of the fetus, the need for less nutrients, usually grazing or give enough grass, adequate supplements to meet the needs.
Late pregnancy is the time when the fetus grows rapidly, and 90% of the birth weight is increased during the second trimester of gestation. If nutrition is not sufficient at this stage, the lamb will have a small primary weight, weak resistance, and it will easily die. Because of bad public opinion, she was not ready for lactation during the lactation period and was short of milk. Therefore, supplementary feeding should be intensified at this time. In addition to grazing, each sheep feeds 450 g of concentrate, 1 kg to 1.5 kg of hay, 1.5 kg of silage, and 15 g of salt and bone meal. For pregnant ewes must be high quality forage, pay attention to miscarriage. Moldy, spoilage, spoilage, and frozen feeds cannot be fed and do not drink very cold water. Management should be particularly meticulous, and the herding, returning herd, drinking water, and supplementary feeding should all be ordered slowly and steadily to prevent overcrowding and slipping, prevent skipping, jumping, and preventing unnecessary losses. Therefore, it should be as flat as possible. Grazing grazing. Special attention should be paid to avoid catching and disturbing the flock without any reason, and to stop the fighting between the sheep in time to prevent miscarriage.
The late gestation of ewes, especially the management before delivery, should be particularly meticulous. The ewes fall down in the armpits, hang down on the abdomen, swollen the breasts, swollen vulva, and run out of mucous. Often lying alone in the corner of the wall, frequent urination, uneasy movements, and lying down from time to time. Keep looking back and looking around, giving a tweet, etc., are the pre-production performance of the ewes. Perform a large-scale cleaning of the sheds and forks, sterilize them, fix the doors and windows, plug the wind tunnels, and provide enough grass to inform the relevant personnel. Prepare for the job before delivery.

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