Rare earth fish breeding disease prevention and increase income

The rare earth is not earth, but is a metal element having general metallic properties. Both at home and abroad are widely used in agriculture, can increase crop yields, improve quality and enhance resistance to stress. Has been developed to apply in the fish industry. According to the research, rare earth fish culture can not only improve the survival rate and feed utilization rate of fish, but also can prevent and treat fish diseases, especially for the three major bacterial diseases of grass carp, red peony and enteritis. Rare-earth fish farming can promote the prevention of disease mainly due to the following three:
First, the rare earth ions can react with pathogenic secretions, inhibit the growth and reproduction of germs, and weaken the toxicity of toxins.
Second, the appropriate concentration of rare earth can stimulate the fish's appetite, enhance the digestive function of fish, and improve the utilization of feed. Third, rare earths can promote the growth of plankton in water and increase the feed of filter-feeding fish. Due to the benefits of rare earth fish farming, many places are currently exploring and applying it. Now this technology is introduced as follows:
(1) In fish disease episodes such as July to September, every 667m2 (1 mu) of water surface and 1m depth of fish ponds, 150g of rare earth nitrate or special formula for rare earth fish 3 packs, plus 1kg of water A small amount of fruit vinegar is formulated as mother liquor. Then take 1 half of the mother liquor for 30-50 kg of water and spray it on the entire pond; after the other half of the mother liquor plus the appropriate amount of water, mix it evenly on 2 to 3 kg of rice bran or 30 to 50 kg of tender grass, and put the fish in 5 minutes. The ponds are fed with fish and sprinkled once every 15~20 days for 4 to 5 times a year. This method has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of fish diseases. General application of rare earth 3 to 5 days can be effective.
(2) Feed rare earth feed once every 5~8 days from May to October. The formula is: 50 grams of rare earth nitrate (or a package of rare earth for fish) 1 kg of water and 25 kg of mixed feed. This method not only has a good effect on prevention and control of fish diseases, but also has a significant growth-promoting effect on fish.
(3) Things to note when using rare-earth fish: 1) The maximum time for fish to feed during the afternoon is 5-6 o'clock. It is best to feed rare earth feed at this time. 2 Water quality Fish ponds with fat and oxygen need to be adjusted before they are fed with rare earth feed when the water quality is good enough for dissolved oxygen. 3 Do not increase the amount of rare earth, because the use of too much will inhibit the growth of fish. 4 Alkaline water should not be used in the preparation of rare earth solutions to prevent the rare earth from being precipitated under alkaline conditions and failing. If conditions permit, the water quality can be tested first, and then the preparation of rare earth solution is more reliable.

Mineral Oil Synergist TIS-334

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Mineral Oil Adjuvant

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