High-grade river freshwater sturgeon breeding

The river eel is the largest individual in the genus Stingray. Usually about 250 grams of individuals, the largest individual more than 1 kilogram. The fish is delicate, delicious, and has less spurs. It has always been a high-quality, high-quality river and is popular with consumers. The market price per kilogram in the Guangzhou market is more than RMB 60, and the supply of commodities is in short supply. For a long time, G. striata has been relying on natural fishing for its listing and no artificial breeding. However, due to the improvement of people’s living standards and the demand for foreign trade and export, natural catch has far exceeded the needs of consumers. Therefore, it is imperative to immediately carry out the artificial breeding of eel in Inner Mongolia.
First, the classification status and biological characteristics Jiang Huang squid, also known as Vallis yellow croaker, commonly known as Jiang Yan, Bone Fish, hard-angle Huang Lading, Langsi (Sichuan).
The genus Euphorbia is a genus of oystercatchers, stingrays. In Guangdong, it is distributed in the Hanjiang River, Dongjiang, Beijiang and Xijiang river systems. The river network in the Pearl River Delta is also common. The eel is a warm-water fish that is nocturnal. The survival temperature is 0-38°C, the optimal growth water temperature is 25-28°C, the pH value range is 6.0-9.0, and the optimal 7.0-8.4. Resistant to hypoxia. Dissolved oxygen in the water grows well above 3 mg/l, floats below 2 mg/l, and suffocates if below 1 mg/l.
Second, the reproductive age of the yellow river catfish is less mature. In sexually mature individuals in early April, the female ovary develops stage IV, the ovary is yellow, the ripening parameter is 17.8, and the egg diameter is 1.5-1.9 mm. Male testes can squeeze semen. The ratio of male to female of the natural breeding population is 1:1.17. The absolute amount of bad eggs was 1248-12417, with an average of 3883 grains. Once a year spawning type, from April to June for the breeding period, the eggs of the river bed dig nests to spawn under the beach, and the eggs stick together to hatch. At a water temperature of 20-24.5°C, it takes about 49 hours to hatch fry.
The fish can be used DOM+LRH-A2, HCG, carp pituitary to induce their spawning, artificial insemination, artificial hatching, although artificial reproduction was successful, but the large-scale production technology of Jiangyu carp seedlings is not perfect, the technology is not mature enough, so Seedlings cannot be produced on a large scale, and they still remain at the level of small-batch production. The seedlings are still dependent on the wild seed of catching rivers, which seriously restricts the development of the stingray aquaculture industry.
Third, breeding of yellow squid can be used for main pond cultivation, and it can also be used for polyculture with pond culture fish, and can also be used for river and reservoir cage culture. As the fish is omnivorous fish, there are many types of foods, and the requirements for nutrition are not severe. The breeding feed is easy to solve. Cultured Yellow River Catfish in Guangdong is mainly fed with seawater chilled fish paste, fish pellets, and fish lumps, or chilled fish paste mixed with squid feed is fed in lumps. The seed size is 5-8 cm. When cages are cultured, the fish size should be larger. Pond polyculture of river yellow bream, under the premise of not affecting the yield of the main fish, can increase the amount of 10-15 kilograms of perch. In main breeding, 250-500 kg of fish can be produced per acre.

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