Standard features of ball valves

Double block drain: The residual liquid in the valve body can be released when the ball is fully closed.
Body bore drilling valves can be fully drilled or cut to reduce borehole design. The reduced drilling is part of the Venturi model and the small bore size of the Zui meets API 6D requirements.

Body structure: The valve body is manufactured in three types: split or welded or top-in. Separate or welded design as a side-entry type valve. It consists of three bolted or welded forged steel sheets. The top inlet of the valve is mainly made of one piece of cast steel.

Antistatic design: Stainless steel springs allow static conduction between the metal parts of the valve body (ie, valve body, ball, seal ring and shaft) to be isolated by elastomeric or thermoplastic seals.

Unbalanced pressure: Unless otherwise specified, we do not provide flanged holes for the ball when the valve is open to balance the pressure between the fluid in the line and the fluid remaining in the valve body. This allows for a preventive maintenance. We do not need to test the working condition of the pipeline, so that the ball seal on any scale can effectively check the effect.

Explosion-proof valve shaft design: The valve shaft is separated from the valve ball, so that the bushing of the valve cover is ensured by the self-lubricating gasket.

Two-way seal ring: Each seal ring is of a separate suspension type and is suitable for shut-off fluids in addition to the pressure through the valve body. This double back seal creates a double layer boundary for the fluid because the downstream back seal ensures a shutoff to prevent the upstream back seal from failing. If the super high pressure of the fluid remaining in the valve body cannot be released, the slow closing valve can release the liquid at the interface.

Double Sealed Shaft: The elastomeric double O-ring is supplied by a PTFE backrest that acts as a biaxial boundary to the fluid. The external O-ring is replaced by a valve under pressure

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