Orange juice soda formula and processing technology

Raw material formula: 5.5-8% sucrose, 0.15% citric acid, 5% orange juice, 2.5 times carbon dioxide / bottle, less than 0.08% flavor, saccharin less than 0.015%, 0.02% preservative.
Carbonated beverages with natural fruit juices are ideal beverages for beverages, and are also the trend of the future.
However, adding juice to the beverage makes the beverage susceptible to microbial infestation and deterioration. For this reason, prior to the addition of carbon dioxide, it is necessary to carry out high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, that is, sufficient sterilization, without damaging the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of the juice.
The process is: First, the demineralized water and the juice are formulated, pumped into a liquid storage tank for high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, and then cooled to 20-25°C. Mix the sugar, citric acid, saccharin, preservatives, flavors, etc. into the tank with a pump, and then open the carbon dioxide valve. This is a beverage produced by a recipe.

The dimensions is: Width:500mm*Length:1800m*Thickness:25um.

The 3Fagri Silage Wrap has been manufactured by Zibo Maoyang Industry and Trading CO., LTD in China, using advanced multi-layer co-extrusion blown film technology and equipment.

The silage wrap is a high performance multi-layer blown co-extruded Agricultural Stretch Film, strong and reliable. Benefiting from high tack levels, it maintains a consistent appearance both during and after wrapping. 3Fagri silage wrap is designed for trouble free when wrapping round or large square bales on a variety of forages. It can be used to preserve silage, haylage, maize and other suitable crops on all types of bale wrappers.

To make silage wrap, only 100% virgin raw materials are used. This ensures that silage wrap is more tough stretch plastic and that it wraps wider on the bale providing a better seal and giving you better quality silage.

The 3Fagri silage wrap comes with a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilization and provides an airtight and weatherproof shield, when used according to instructions.

The 3Fagri silage wrap is available in Black, Green and White.

Silage Wrap 500Mm

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